Hearing Testing, Hearing Aids and Solutions in Maine

How We Can Help You. Our Services Include:

  • Hearing testing / consultations
  • Hearing aid sales and product demonstration
  • Hearing aid programming, for many major manufacturers
  • No-appointment, WALK-IN Repair service M-F 9am - 4pm
  • Batteries (mercury-free)
  • Bluetooth devices
  • 30-day trial periods—no restocking fees!
  • Home visits / nursing home visits
  • And More


A hearing evaluation will help you find the best approach to improving your hearing. We offer comprehensive, diagnostic hearing evaluations for adults 18 and up. Testing is conducted with state-of-the-art equipment in a soundproof test booth to determine the type and extent of your hearing loss and candidacy for hearing aids. We also offer industrial hearing screenings to monitor those who work in noisy environments.


Hearing Test - Hearing Test in Kittery, ME
Many products are BLUETOOTH compatible and ready to enhance CELL PHONE use and TV viewing. We will guide your choice of hearing aids based on your lifestyle, hearing loss, and financial concern. We have FLEX; trial hearings aids for those who aren't sure which level to chose. You'll be fit with these and walk out the door - no money down. Try them at one performance level, then try them at another level. YOU decide. Our patients love trying hearing aids this way! 30 DAY TRIAL PERIOD.

Repairs & Adjustments

We offer WALK-in Clinics Monday-Friday 9am - 4pm for cleanings and repair services (NO APPOINTMENT necessary). If your hearing aid requires factory servicing and is out of warranty, our rates are very reasonable and provide a 1 year factory service warranty. Call us for more information, or drop in!

We offer adjustments by appointment with our specialist on 6 major manufacturing brands of hearing aids as well. Call us for details

Hearing Loops

Getting More from Your Hearing Aid with Hearing Loops
Even with the most up-to-date technology, hearing aids can't completely separate important sounds from background noises. They don't always pick up all sounds from a distance, such as those in a performance hall, a place of worship or even a home television set viewed from across the room. In such difficult listening settings, hearing (induction) loops are often a solution.

A hearing loop provides significantly-enhanced functionality for hearing aids. A hearing loop is a wire connected to an electronic sound source that transmits that sound directly to the Telecoil in a hearing aid. A hearing loop can discreetly surround a room, a chair in your home, or even be worn around the neck. Hearing loops can be connected to a public address system, a living room television set, a telephone (land line and cellular), or any source that produces sound electronically.
hearing loops - Hearing Loops in Kittery, ME
Important Notes on Hearing Loops:
  • A hearing aid equipped with a manually controlled T-switch is necessary to hear in a hearing loop
    The T-switch, or Telecoil, receives its signal from the loop and turns it back into sound in the hearing aid – eliminating background noise. The listener hears only the desired sound.
  • Hearing loops can double hearing aid functionality
    Using the telecoil in conjunction with a hearing loop is a cost-effective way to improve the usability of your hearing aid. The telecoil can also be used in conjunction with a variety of wireless or hand held hearing assistive listening devices.
For more information about Hearing Loops and available quotes of products and installation costs for your home, church, or business, call Dale Rapke or Donna Pappas at Hearing Essentials (207) 703-0415. Dale Rapke, and Donna Pappas are both certified as IEC Compliant Hearing Loop Installers.

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