Hearing Aid Care and Cleaning Products

Hearing Aid Batteries - Hearing Aid Care in Kittery, ME
Hearing Aid Batteries
Walk in purchase -$7.00 each
Blue-675, Brown-312, Orange -13, Yellow-10
Also providers of rechargeable hearing aid batteries
Digital Battery Tester - Hearing Aid Care in Kittery, ME
Digital Battery Tester
$7.00 (plus S & H)

Wondering which was the good battery? Which one was dead? Easy to use! Travel with extra batteries in the easy slide storage compartment!
Ear Wax Removal System - Hearing Aid Care in Kittery, ME
Audiologist's Choice Ear Wax removal system $7.50 (plus S & H)
Keep that wax at bay with this doctor recommended formula to gently soften and loosen wax for easy removal!
AudioWipes Towelettes - Hearing Aid Care in Kittery, ME
AudioWipes® Towelettes
Large -160 wipes $15.00 (plus S & H)
Mini -36 wipes $ 7.00 (plus S & H)
Keep that fresh feeling!
  • Designed to clean and deodorize hearing aids, earmolds and more
  • Hospital grade disinfectant
  • Won't harm rubber, plastic,silicone, or acrylic – contains no alcohol
  • Safe to handle
  • Odorless
Ear-Gel Earmold Lubricant - Hearing Aid Care in Kittery, ME
Ear-Gel Earmold Lubricant
$4.00 (plus S & H)
Gel lubricant used to aid in the insertion of long canal and tight fitting earmolds and hearing instruments
Digital Battery Tester with sliding draw - Hearing Aid Care in Kittery, ME
OtoClip™ $8.00 each (plus S & H)
  • Prevent the loss of BTE or *ITE hearing instrument
  • Attaches to patient's clothing
  • Color coded Red (right) Blue (left)
*ITE may have other charges to install.